The Southwestern Recorders site is designed by me, implemented by the very patient Mark (what’s the letterspacing on that again?) Pringle. Blame me for the fuzziness of small type, I was going for a letterpress effect. Photographs on Poisonville are by the great Bob Gumpert ( The main photo on the opening page wall, of my uncle Ken with Sister Rosetta Tharpe is by Terry Cryer, great chronicler of the 50s and 60s in British music (see more of his work in Goin’ Home, the book I recently designed about Ken The photos of me are by Mark, part of his excellent series of close-up twin lens reflex portraits (see The idea for the Autobiography section came from this great 60s press release for the Beatles.

Thanks to Graham at Guitar Classics of Webbs Road for the great Fenix telecaster, and Hank’s of Denmark Street for the cute Finnish Landola. Thanks to Leo Fender for the bass.  Thanks to macaudioguy for some great loops, and I also have to thank the Apple Loop Library, without whose great catalogue this would have all been much more difficult to do…

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