Brainchild of Martin Colyer & Mark Pringle, SWR feels a kinship to Hammett & Chandler, Richards Manuel, Danko and Williams, Folkways Records and the E5 Bakehouse. SWR’s style gurus du jour are Jeff Goldblum and Tom T. Hall. SWR has been watching The Handmaid’s Tale and American Epic. SWR has recently enjoyed Joan Osbourne at Bush Hall and is reading all about Donny Hathaway and Danny Baker. In heavy rotation: Laura Marling, David Bowie’s Blackstar and Mark&Tom’s new improv project (soundcloud here),  All different, all good. Oh, and there’s an album of all of Martin’s experiments in sound, Discount Fireworks, available [see the post dedicated to it on the site].On this blog you’ll find liner notes for all the song projects on Southwestern Recorders and more. Head right on over to fivethingsseenandheard.com to follow musings on music in everyday life, and  illustrationadventures.com to read about Martin’s adventures in commissioning photographers and illustrators.  Bon Chance & Ciao!

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