Song Suggestions

Blake Mills, “If I’m Unworthy”. He’s a monstrous guitarist, but this is a great song and an impassioned but minimal performance. It would work just as well with a band in a more “Southern Soul ballad” style.

Bob Dylan “I’ll Remember You”. Long-forgotten song from a very flat bit of Bob’s career, a little like an earlier version of “To Make You Feel My Love”. Don’t think he really does justice to the melody that could be found with a little more focus, but it’s a great song.

Robbie Robertson “Straight Down the Line”. A little Rock n Roll history set to a cool beat…

Van Morrison “I’ll be Your Lover, too”. An under-appreciated Van song, with  great tune, great lyric. I first heard it used over the end credits of a Russell Crowe/Meg Ryan kidnap film in the 90s.

Dan Penn “Zero Willpower”. Less well known than his “Dark End of the Street” or “Do Right Woman” but up there with them.

Suzie Vinnick, “The Danger Zone” written by Percy Mayfield for Ray Charles, here done as a solo bass number.

Robbie Fulks, “As Sweet as Sweet Comes”. Lovely, indeed sweet, song:
“Baby I’m coming as fast as the law will let me
If it wasn’t for the money I’d never leave you alone
Being close by you just lifts the whole world from me
Your arms are my home sweet home…”

Here’s the mp3 as I can’t find it on YouTube:


A bit left-field! Paul Buchanan “I Can’t Give Everything Away”. From David Bowie’s Blackstar, here sung in a completely different arrangement at the BBC Bowie Prom…

Here’s the mp3 as I can’t find it on YouTube:


Kenny Edwards, “Will You Still”.


Hot House, “Take This Pain”. And lastly, cheekily, one I co-wrote, with due acknowledgement to Shakespeare, and sung by Heather Small.