Sketches For An American Songbook

A rough layout for the Southwestern Recorders website, posted here for the time being. Some weird recordings by me, some great award-winning images by John Cuneo. Mr Bojangles has been selected by the Society Of Illustrators for their next show, and three images are in the next Communication Arts Illustration Annual. So a round of applause for mr.c.  The opening illustration was not part of the series—it’s a sketchbook drawing of John’s—but it seemed so appropriate to the whole venture… By the way, John lives in Robbie Robertson’s old studio. When I first contacted John to ask him to do some drawings for the magazine I work on, our email conversations were almost entirely composed of Band-related song titles. John is off drawing the Masters golf tournament for Golf Digest, an amazingly prestigious gig. He will do a wonderful plaid-on-plaid job… Hope you find something you like, either visual or aural, in what follows. Best, mc.

Credits: Lovely mobile bass by Alan Nonweiler, loop drums, rest of basses and all vibes by me. Fine illustration, John C.

Credits: Loop drums, rest me, incuding undersea guitars and Martin travel guitar. Done for a Robbie Fulks “Diva Songs” competition. Which I entered too late. I was stunned to find that Robbie had never heard the original—I had assumed that you had to see Titanic by law in 1997. Love that shark fin/ship thing going on there.

Credits: Melodic bass by Mark Pringle, drum loop by Michael Blair, rest me, including fractured Wurlitzer. Wonderful umbrella.

Credits: All me, I’m afraid, in thrall to a distant Duane Eddy and a slapback rockabilly chorus. A moose? A deer? Who knows.

Credits: feedback and thunder loops, buzzy guitar, toy glockenspeil and vocal, me. Wonderful art again by John. Hey, thanks, John.

Dedicated to Bill and Bette.

[Bette and me, a photo of Ella & Louis, 1957. I was taught well. Photo by Bill]

Album Art for iTunes

Covers for the music projects that are on the Southwestern Recorders site. Click on the image to grab a file that can be assigned to any of the songs in your music library of choice. Please continue to enjoy all of our products. Yours, the team at SWR.